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LA Makeup Artist Training & License Requirements

People who love style, fashion and beauty may be interested in makeup artistry programs in Louisiana. Louisiana makeup artists must have a permit from the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology to practice their trade. Start with attending school for cosmetology or esthetics followed by taking the Board exams for these professions. You must have 1500 hours of beauty program education to be a cosmetologist, or 750 hours to be an esthetician.

After you have attained your license, Louisiana requires an additional 40-hour makeup artist certification program to receive a permit to practice. Makeup artistry programs in Louisiana expect students to learn about all aspects of beauty. In return, students learn the techniques and tools of their trade and they develop a stellar professional portfolio. Some makeup artists have degrees in other fields, such as theater, in addition to a beauty professional license. To succeed as a makeup artist, you must be passionate about beauty and cosmetics.

Career Outlook for Professional Makeup Artists in Louisiana

Keep in mind that every person you see on the pages of a magazine, on internet sales sites, on TV or in a film has benefitted from the skills of a makeup artist. What you learn at makeup artistry school in Louisiana will help you get your foot in the door of this important profession. With the right portfolio, networking and skills, you may get to the top of the makeup artistry industry. These elite makeup artists work with celebrities, actors, and international fashion models. Attending a makeup artistry program in Louisiana is the first step in this career.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Louisiana beauty professionals earn an annual average salary of $23,820 before tips. Most makeup artists get extra money doing freelance work at fashion shows, special events or local theaters. Bridal party makeup is a source of additional income for most makeup artists. In Louisiana, most newly licensed makeup specialists work at cosmetics counters and anywhere else they can practice their art. Interning or assisting practicing makeup artists in the TV, fashion or film industries is an excellent way to see how experienced people handle the job. You also make important contacts who can help you achieve the most possible in your makeup career. Start by attending a makeup artistry program in Louisiana.

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