Lipstick Jungle

Now, I know what you’re thinking – no, this is not a blog about the NBC TV series, Lipstick Jungle. This blog is about what to do when you are scraping out the bottom of your favorite lipstick tube. You might as well know that when it comes to lipstick, it is my FAVORITE! And I don’t believe in chucking my fave shade when it gets down to the bottom of the barrel – do you? Now, that is what I call wasteful!

To save on money and from buying tubes before you have used the last of the last – there are certain steps to take to save the bottom of the tube. You might notice that there is not that much left when you get down the base, but there is more shade in your future! This is what you do – first scrape out any leftovers with a cotton swab and mix it with Vaseline or lip gloss – and presto, you have more of your favorite shade.

You can also put the last little drops of your shade in a plastic cup and microwave it until it is soft and use that as a lip gloss. For more tips on lipstick you can check out this website that I found – 16 lipstick tricks and tips. I found it most helpful since I love lipstick!

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