Are Eyelash Enhancers Truly Effective?

A woman’s eyes tell a great deal about her. They are the window to her soul, and a man can instantly become entranced by a woman’s lovely eyes. Her eyelashes also contribute to the loveliness of her eyes and their mesmerizing effect. The Egyptians were the first ones who realized the powerful effect that enhancing one’s eyelashes could have on the opposite sex. With oil, they curled eyelashes so that lashes would appear darker and longer.

Now, take a look at any celebrity, and you will notice that the enhancement of eyelashes continues to be a strong force in the world of cosmetics. Jennifer Lopez has donned fox hair to make her lashes appear longer, while Kim Kardashian is also known for using gels to enhancer her lashes.

The most popular look for eyelashes right now is full, dark and long. Defined lashes are essential, whether one is wearing jeans out for the day or an evening gown on the red carpet. A woman looks gorgeous when she has lashes that look healthy and full.

To enhance one’s eyelashes, women have a variety of options. False eyelashes are still on the market, and they remain a strong competitor with the new gels on the market that can enhance eyelashes. False eyelashes are difficult to apply, however, and they require a very steady hand. If a woman misapplies the glue, she can suffer severe injury to her eye or cornea. If one wants false eyelashes and does not want to apply them herself, she can find a makeup artist who will apply them for her.

Another popular eyelash enhancer is extensions. Extensions are not the same as false eyelashes because they do not contain the same length. Extensions are just tips of hair that are applied to the ends of lashes. Most extensions have an adhesive already placed on them so that application is made easy for a woman. One can find extensions that are made from real human hair, fox hair or even bunny hair. One of the growing trends is to use extensions that have a unique color, such as magenta or aqua blue.

One more option that women have is to use a gel enhancer. A gel enhances is applied every night in order to help lashes grow faster. Some women have found these gels to be incredibly effective. The reason they can be so effective is because they contain polypeptides that active the growth hormone for lashes. This helps women achieve a gorgeous set of full lashes.

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