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NJ Makeup Artist Training & License Requirements

Makeup artistry programs in New Jersey help people enter the world of cosmetics. Makeup artists take every opportunity to practice their skills on friends, family members and themselves. New Jersey's proximity to the bright lights of Broadway and New York City make it a hot spot for makeup artistry education.

The New Jersey Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling does not require a license to practice makeup artistry except in salons. However, artists who are licensed cosmetologists or estheticians have a solid education and network connections that will take them farther in the profession. Cosmetologists attend beauty school for 1200 hours, and estheticians attend for 600 hours before taking their written and practical Board exams.

New Jersey makeup artistry programs teach cosmetic techniques for fashion shoots, film, theater, TV, print and red carpet work, as well as every day and special event makeup. Students get demonstrations, lessons from famous guest artists, and opportunities to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots. They begin building their professional portfolio, so they are ready to jump into the business as soon as they graduate.

Career Outlook for Professional Makeup Artists in New Jersey

Licensed New Jersey makeup artistry program graduates enter a profession with many opportunities. Ocean City has the highest concentration of beauty professional jobs in the nation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They earn an annual average salary of $28,120 before tips and freelance income. Most New Jersey makeup artists begin their careers working at cosmetics counters, giving makeovers and beauty advice. They often freelance doing wedding and special event makeup and contract with several production companies. They can work with many different New Jersey photographers on location, or join local theater companies as a makeup and special effects specialist.

Local and national TV broadcasters, fashion shows, beauty pageants, amusement parks, advertisers and modeling agencies all use the services of talented makeup artistry professions daily. New Jersey makeup artistry program graduates meet and work with many high profile people in studios or on location. They might develop specialties, such as retro or classic looks, black and white photography makeup, or bridal makeup. Some specialize in makeup for men, children and teenagers on modeling or photography shoots. The best of the best in makeup artistry get to work with high profile people in the arts, politics, and high society. Consider attending one of the many makeup artistry programs in New Jersey to explore this career option.

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