Cosmetology Schools in New Jersey

New Jersey Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Cosmetology schools in New Jersey offer a wide variety of programs for aspiring cosmetologists, nail technicians, and skin care specialists. Most programs consist of a combination of textbook work and hands-on instruction and practice. Students must complete at least 1,200 hours of instruction in cosmetology and hair styling before they can become licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hair Styling. Those who have completed at least half of their required training are eligible to work as a cosmetologist or hair stylist under a student permit while continuing to attend school. Most beauty schools in New Jersey also have salons where senior students can work on live patrons under an instructor's supervision.

The cost to attend beauty schools in New Jersey varies by geographic area. Students will find that schools in major metropolitan areas usually are more expensive. Cosmetology scholarships, grants, and financial aid often are available from individual schools, or from other sources. Training programs for nail technicians and skin care specialists require just 300 to 600 hours of instruction and therefore are less expensive.

Employment prospects for licensed cosmetologists in New Jersey are excellent. The state has one of the highest concentrations of cosmetology jobs in the country, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), with salaries averaging $28,820 per year in 2011. The field of cosmetology offers flexibility in work hours and location as well as the opportunity to specialize in many areas of interest.

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