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If you are considering becoming a nail technician, your job could consist of manicures, pedicures, cuticle and nailbed care, nail art and design and more. Nail technician schools in Massachusetts will prepare you for an and prosperous career in the beauty industry. You will become knowledgeable about the latest trendy and hip nail art techniques and be able to provide innovative services to your clients. 

When you become a Nail tech, you will know how to run a nail salon effectively and be cognizant of all applicable state laws. In the end, you will be fully prepared to take the practical and written board examination.

Massachusetts Nail Training Requirements

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires completion of a basic 100 hour manicure class program. Students then must pass a written and a practical state exam, which is offered in English only. Unlike many other states, Massachusetts does not allow interpreters, dictionaries or translating devices to be used during the exams. The basic course teaches students simple manicure; pedicure and acrylic nail application techniques. The basic nail tech will perform these services and sell nail products to clients for a commission. Advanced nail tech courses, covering more artificial nail techniques, nail art and nail decoration are available throughout the state.

MA Nail Technician Salary & Job Opportunities

Nail techs in Massachusetts earn an annual average salary of $23,340 statewide. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Peabody, MA has the 3rd highest concentration of nail tech jobs among all metropolitan areas in the country. Barnstable Town, MA is the 2nd highest paying metropolitan area in the nation for nail techs, with an average salary of $35,890. The 100 hour course may be difficult, and you will still have skills to learn after graduation, but you will learn many more skills once you are on the job.

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