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Stylists and barbers can learn a lot when they attend one of the accredited beauty schools in Illinois. Illinois residents have access to the best of both worlds. Chicago is the state’s largest city. It is located along the shores of the Great Lakes and provides lots of activities for residents. Shopping, employment, dining and entertainment are just a few of the benefits that Chicago offers. Illinois has a number of smaller towns and rural areas that are perfect for a relaxed lifestyle.

Deciding to apply to beauty schools in Illinois is a great way to ensure financial security. Cosmetologists earn a rewarding wage, and students can learn this trade at a local school. Practical experience is offered at schools, and students spend their classroom time gaining valuable, hands on experience. Most schools have their own beauty parlor, and they may offer reduced price haircuts. This allows students to learn and gain crucial job experience.

Illinois licenses salon and beauty parlor workers for the public’s welfare. Professionals need to show proof that they completed course work at an accredited beauty school. Cosmetologists need 1,500 hours, esthetician need 750 hours and nail technicians need 350 hours. These requirements are met at local schools, and most students are prepared for an career after graduation. Illinois residents can usually change their license easily because the state has reciprocity programs around the country.

Cosmetology is a fast growing field. Demand is expected to experience double-digit growth in the next few years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps track of wages across the nation, and in 2011 they reported that the average salary for cosmetologists was $26,460. Illinois professionals earn a little more than the national average. The BLS estimates that Illinois cosmetologists will make between $27,260 and $28,830 per year. Chicago usually pays a little more than the state average, and professionals will make even more money in the city.

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