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California Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

If you’re thinking of attending one of the many cosmetology schools in California, you’re not alone. With the state being among the highest payers for professionals in the personal care industry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get ahead. In fact, the greater Los Angeles area is one of the top ten metropolitan areas employing cosmetologists, hairstylists, and hairdressers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

For students in any of the state-approved beauty schools, coursework and training are provided to prepare the student to satisfy the California cosmetology licensing requirements. The state requires a minimum number of hours in professional training at the approved schools in order to qualify to take the exam. For cosmetology, students must complete 1,600 hours; estheticians and electrologists are required to complete 600 hours of professional training; manicurists must have 400 hours completed.

These requirements are in line with those in other states, but the average pay for these professionals in California is high. According to the BLS, hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists earn an average annual pay of $26,120, with an average hourly pay rate of $12.56. This hourly rate is high, even for California—which has a higher-than-average minimum wage of $8. For those who stay in the field and become successful, the pay is even better: according to the BLS, those in the 90th percentile earn more than $41,000 per year.

Come to the Golden State where the standards of beauty and fashion trends are invented and attend any of the top cosmetology schools in California for a good option for future careers.

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