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Beauty schools in West Virginia lay the foundation for salon and beauty parlor workers. Students will have plenty of opportunities for convenient classes in the state, and there are lots of different attractions in West Virginia. The state is known for its natural beauty. Mountains provide year-round recreational opportunities, and some of the state's ski resorts are world famous. Urban living can be found in some of the metro centers, and the largest city is Charleston. Charleston is also the capital and has 51,400 residents.

Styling hair is an art that can be learned, and students can benefit from professional instructors at one of the beauty schools in West Virginia. Cutting hair is one of the classroom requirements, and most students start with fake hair. As a student’s skill set increases, they can work in a salon on the campus. These salons are run by the school and offer the general public reduced price haircuts. The salons also give valuable experience that students will need when they graduate.

Attending one of the state’s beauty schools is the quick way for students to gain their professional license. The West Virginia Board of Cosmetology is in charge of licenses and requires cosmetologists to attend 2,000 hours of class. Estheticians need 600 hours, and nail technologists need 400 classroom hours. After professionals have a license, he or she may need to take continuing education classes as part of the state’s requirements.

Earning a great living is one benefit of a cosmetologist license. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps track of wages, and they report that the average annual salary for cosmetologists is $26,460. West Virginia professionals earn a little more than this and make between $25,640 and $27,150. Experience and job location are two factors that affect salaries.

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