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OR Makeup Artist Training & License Requirements

Makeup artistry programs in Oregon teach students techniques to make people feel beautiful and confident. It is a booming industry. Think about every person you see on TV, film, or in a magazine. A makeup artist has prepared them all so they will look their best in front of others. Public speakers like politicians and business leaders use the help of makeup professionals, too.

No license is required to practice makeup arts in Oregon. However, many employers and clients want to work with a licensed beauty professional such as a cosmetologist or esthetician. Licenses show the makeup artist invested time and effort into learning the latest techniques and trends for the industry. Graduates of makeup artistry programs also possess professional portfolios displaying their finest work. These help beauty professionals get more work and higher paying work.

Being licensed as a beauty professional by the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) requires dedication and time. Cosmetologists must complete 2300 hours of school, and estheticians must finish 250 hours at school. Additional classes for makeup application, special effects and special event makeup should be taken, in addition to the esthetician or cosmetologist programs. Graduates take the Board written and practical exams after completing classes. They must pass both to receive their license. Courses at Oregon makeup artistry programs learn the latest techniques other professionals use on the job. Courses give you the basics to practice the profession, and practice in the real world gives you the expertise.

Career Outlook for Professional Makeup Artists in Oregon

Oregon is one of only seven states where the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks theatrical and performance makeup artist statistics. However, only 30 of these high-level beauty professionals work in the entire state, so salary data is not available. As a rule, performance makeup artists earn significantly more per year than others do.

Beauty professionals practicing consumer makeup artistry in Oregon earn an annual average salary of $29,020 before tips or freelance work according to the BLS. New makeup artistry program graduates in Oregon often work at cosmetic company counters, salons, or for local modeling agencies. Some artists work at ad agencies, photography or television studios, or in theater companies. There are many options for a well-trained makeup artist in Oregon.

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