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Working as an esthetician can be a great experience, but often training is necessary. There are a number of esthetician schools in Oregon which train people to work in salons and spas. The esthetician schools in Oregon are not found only along Interstate 5, in Medford, Eugene and Portland, but also in Central and Eastern Oregon. Becoming and esthetician is a practical way to pursue a new career.

Estheticians perform a variety of procedures. As beauty technicians specializing in skin care, they can perform facials, exfoliation and other skin care treatments and spa treatments, among many other possibilities. Estheticians are found in both salons and spas. Anywhere people go to be spoiled by receiving beauty treatments for their skin, estheticians are needed. Helping other people feel good about themselves is much more fun than working at a cash register. Spoiling people is fun, and estheticians have the privilege of doing this for a career.

While the training program to become an esthetician is short, typically consisting of a few months, attending an education program is necessary to being licensed. Licensing for estheticians varies state to state. Therefore, anyone considering becoming an esthetician in Oregon should look at the esthetic schools in Oregon. Select a link to request information from any of the esthetician schools in Oregon below.

For more information on obtaining your license after attending beauty esthetician schools in Oregon, read through the Oregon Cosmetology License Requirements information.


Esthetician Schools in Oregon

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