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OH Makeup Artist Training & License Requirements

As a talented and trained beauty professional graduate, you will be ready to work with people who want to look their best for important events. Customers might include brides, prom queens, TV news anchors, politicians or celebrities. You might get the opportunity to work on major TV or motion picture sets or in the high-profile world of international fashion shows. If this sounds like the career for you, consider an education from a makeup artistry school in Ohio.

Think about all the places that you see the work of makeup artists. Everyplace from magazines to modeling agencies, TV shows to the red carpet shows the makeup artist's unique touch. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and as an Ohio makeup artist, you will be in the position to help them achieve their dreams. Ohio does not require licenses for makeup artists, but most clients and employers expect professionals will have a cosmetology or esthetics license from the state. Cosmetology students take 1500 hours of classes and esthetics students take 750 hours. All students then must pass written and practical exams before the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.

In Ohio makeup artistry programs, students learn about the fundamentals of makeup and the tools of the trade. Other skills taught include contouring facial features, applying color, and creating makeup for a wide range of faces. Students participate in local fashion shows and photo shoots while in school and may get to network with important players in the makeup artistry world. Before graduation, Ohio makeup artistry program students learn how to create their professional portfolio.

Career Outlook for Professional Makeup Artists in Ohio

Ohio is a good state in which to be a makeup artist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports several areas of the state are in the top five non-metropolitan areas for employment of beauty professionals. Salaries statewide average $25,330 per year before tips and freelance work. Most makeup artists do freelance special event work such as wedding parties and fashion shows.

As a professional Ohio makeup artist, you will rely on referrals from clients to build your business. As your reputation grows, you may be asked to do makeup for local celebrities, TV shows or advertising campaigns. You might choose to travel to one of the hubs of international theater, cinema or fashion to try to expand your career. Whatever your choice, a makeup artistry program in Ohio is your first step.

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