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North Dakota is a beautiful place with many different things to do. There are places to camp, museums to visit, and even a Sioux reservation to visit. With all of these magnificent places to see, you should begin to consider beauty schools in North Dakota for your cosmetology education. The landscape is perfect for weddings and photo shoots, both of which would require a cosmetologist.

There are three different fields in North Dakota that require one who visits beauty schools in North Dakota to have a license. Cosmetology, esthetics, and manicures all require that the person at the salon have a license. You will want to read the full rules and laws about the licensing procedure in the state to find out everything you need to do to start your own business or make your own booth rental. You will have to take courses in the field you want to study, and you need to pass the proper exams to get your license.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cosmetologists can expect to make an average of almost $13 per hour. In Eastern North Dakota, the cosmetologists in non-metropolitan areas can make $17 per hour. It depends on your specific field of study, where you work, and whether or not you open your own business. Beauty schools in North Dakota prepare you to develop the tools and skills necessary to make a living in a growing industry. In fact, the overall employment of all those in the barber, hairdresser, and cosmetologists industry is project to increase 14% by 2020.


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