Cosmetology Schools in Nebraska

Nebraska Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

If you are considering attending a beauty school in Nebraska, then you will not be disappointed. The Cornhusker State, primarily known for its vast fields of corn, is also home to a variety of top cosmetology and beauty schools. Students who attend cosmetology schools in Nebraska and successfully complete courses of study at these schools have a great chance of finding work in this and rewarding career field.

In order to work in the state as a cosmetologist, students must be licensed by the Nebraska State Board of Cosmetology. No degree is necessary. Achieving this licensing is only possible after 2100 hours of training. Further study is also possible for those students wishing to pursue a degree beyond licensing. The typical degree granted is an associates and usually consists of coursework and training regarding salon management and operation.

After completing a course of study at a beauty school in Nebraska, graduates have good chances at finding employment throughout the state, especially in the bigger cities such as Omaha and Lincoln. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), cosmetology is one of the fastest growing professions. On top of that, cosmetologists can make great money with hourly or salaried employment along with tips, which are customary in the industry.