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Applying to beauty schools in Massachusetts is a great way to embark on a rewarding career. Massachusetts is a delightful place to live and offers a number of opportunities for residents. The state has plenty of historic roots and is found in one of the most heavily populated areas in the country. Residents can enjoy metro living or spend time in a more rural setting. Boston is one of the largest cities and has plenty of activities and events throughout the year.

At one of the accredited beauty schools in Massachusetts, students can learn more about styling and cutting hair. Courses are also held on esthetics, and students can learn about manicures and pedicures. Most schools have their own salon on site. The schools allows their students to get practical experience that is required on the job. Students will also have plenty of time to enjoy the local area during their spare time.

Cosmetologists, electrologists, nail technicians and estheticians are all licensed by the state of Massachusetts. Before applying for a license, cosmetologists need to spend 1,000 hours at an accredited beauty school. Estheticians need 300 hours, nail technicians need 100 hours and electrologists need 1,100 hours at a state accredited school. After graduation, students can take the state licensing exam and begin working in the field. Continuing education requirements are also mandated, and they can usually be fulfilled by taking a refresher course at a beauty school in Massachusetts.

The demand for new cosmetologists is expected to push wages higher and provide plenty of work for licensed professionals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects demand to grow by 16 percent by 2020. Massachusetts cosmetologists are some of the highest paid in the nation. According to the BLS, professionals will earn an average of $29,000 to $48,720. This is nearly double the national average.

Laser hair removal training has gained some momentum in the beauty industry. You can help people look and feel great about themselves with laser hair removal. Search for laser training schools in your area and start a rewarding beauty career. Click for more information about laser hair removal careers.


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