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KS Makeup Artist Training & License Requirements

Makeup artistry programs in Kansas help creative people turn their passion for beauty into a career. The beauty industry is fast-paced and ever changing. It is important to have a sound basis in the techniques and theories of beauty. Makeup artists usually take ongoing classes to stay abreast of the latest trends and styles. Although Kansas does not require a license to apply makeup except for salon-based artists, having a license brings several benefits. It demonstrates your passion for makeup artistry and a commitment to the profession. The license shows employers that you have invested time and effort to learn the basics of the craft.

Makeup artistry programs in Kansas teach students about color theory, facial shapes and anatomy, contouring, blending and shading makeup. Students learn how to use the tools of the profession, and how to build a professional portfolio of their work. They may get the opportunity to do makeup and hair for local fashion shows or advertising shoots while still in school. These events let them network with industry professionals who may be able to help them in their careers down the road.

Makeup artists in Kansas can get a cosmetologist license with 1500 hours education at a cosmetology school. They can also become licensed as an esthetician with 1000 hours of education. Either option allows you to apply makeup and advise customers about cosmetics and skin care. A written test and a practical exam are given by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology prior to the license being issued.

Career Outlook for Professional Makeup Artists in Kansas

Kansas makeup artists can work in many different industries. They may work in one of the many television studios across the state, or in local theater groups. Some makeup artists work with ad agencies or photography studios. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports beauty professionals in Kansas earn an annual average salary of $24,210 per year before tips. Many makeup artists earn extra money freelancing for special events, bridal parties, photo shoots and fashion shows. Many makeup artists begin their career as cosmetics consultants in department stores.

Eventually, talented makeup artists in Kansas might work for nationally known TV, fashion, theater or film companies. Successful Kansas makeup artists continually market themselves and their skills, seeking new opportunities and connections in the business. If this career sounds appealing, check into the beauty professional and makeup artistry programs in Kansas.

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