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Beauty schools are in abundance in most states and Arizona is no exception to that rule. The state of Arizona boasts at least 57 beauty schools, so choosing cosmetology as a career may be an excellent choice for you. There are many options for beauty schools in Arizona from the Northern Arizona city of Flagstaff with it's beautiful forests to Tucson in the Southern Arizona desert. The state of Arizona is both rich in history as well as educational opportunities.

A Career as a hairdresser, barber or a cosmetologist can be both creative and challenging. Services include the usual hair styling, cutting and coloring but can also include inspecting face and scalp and recommending treatments for various conditions. Trends are constantly changing in hair styles so you will need to stay current and you will never get bored. Many of the beauty schools in Arizona also give instruction for makeup specialists, manicurists, pedicurists and skin care specialists.

Arizona, like most states, does require that you be licensed to work in the beauty industry. The many beauty schools in Arizona will supply all the necessary training that will equip you to take the examinations. The length of time in school can be up to nine months with 1,600 hours of service recorded. Cost varies by school as well as course of study. Most accredited schools do offer financial aid as well as job placement services.

According to March 2012 report by Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the beauty industry is expected to increase by about 14%, which will vary depending on the specialty. The hourly wages in 2010 for the beauty industry ranged from just under $9.00 per hour for shampooers to around $12.00 per hour for barbers. Keep in mind that this does not include any tips that you make nor does it include wages paid by higher end salons.

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