Other Beauty Careers

Beauty careers are usually thought of as salon-only. Maybe someone will branch out and work in an entertainment setting. However, outside of these cosmetology areas, there are many other careers in beauty to choose from. You could go into marketing- working for a cosmetics or hair care company, writing about beauty in a magazine, editing a beauty magazine or blog. There are many beauty career opportunities in this field.

Another alternative beauty career is ownership and management. Beauty schools, salons and the franchises of both need managers and owners to keep things running smoothly. A person who is a good cosmetologist and a good leader would be excellent in this area.

Finally, there are more behind-the-scenes beauty careers. You could work to develop and design the beauty products we all use each day. These products also need to be sold - yet another new cosmetology career opportunity! If you want to work in cosmetology, but step out of the box a little bit, there are plenty of new beauty career ideas out there.

BeautySchool.com offers you the ability to search for cosmetology schools in your area to find a quality cosmetology institution that fits your needs. Upon completing your cosmetology program, you can obtain your state cosmetology license and begin a rewarding beauty career.

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