Electrology and Electrolysis Training Programs

Electrolysis Training: Ignite your passion.

As an electrologist, you can help people look their best while boosting their self confidence. You can perform a service that is gaining momentum in the beauty world. Remove unsightly, unwanted hair and help your clients feel and look great.

As a licensed electrologist who has gone through electrolysis training, your responsibilities vary but some have similar duties. You can perform a variety of tasks, including:

• Procedures
• Techniques
• Consulting clients
• Managing
• And more

Through your electrolysis training, you can discover some of the most current methods and procedures in hair removal. Electrologist programs vary by school but usually offer similar classes. Expand your knowledge in several areas of hair removal and more at electrology school. You courses can include:

• Physiology of hair
• Physiology of skin
• Common skin diseases
• Endocrine systems
• Bacteriology
• Sterilization and hygiene
• Principles of electricity
• Equipment training

A career as an electrologist has stability and allows you to reach your full potential in the beauty industry. Career opportunities are virtually unlimited, and may lead you to work in establishments like:

• Salons
• Spas
• Private practices
• Plastic surgery offices

Search for electrology schools and begin your career as an electrologist today. You can help people look and feel great with services that provide permanently removing unwanted hair.


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BeautySchool.com offers you the ability to search for electrology schools in your area to find a quality institution that fits your needs. Upon completing your program, you can obtain your state licensure and begin a rewarding career in beauty.

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