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Barber School: Shape your future.

As a barber, you can turn heads by improving the quality of your clients' hair. In barber school, you will cut, trim and style hair for your clients as well as trim and shave facial hair. Through barber college, you can acquire the skills that are necessary to succeed in this high-demand career.

As a licensed barber, your tasks vary but can include:

• Hairstyling
• Haircutting
• Hair coloring
• Hair curling
• Shaving facial hair
• Trimming facial hair
• Scalp treatments
• Fitting and adjusting wigs or artificial hair

In barber school courses, you can learn a wide range of barbering techniques, as well as important business skills. Barber programs vary by school but most have similar courses. Learn some of the latest techniques in hair with training from an accredited barber college. Some of your barber classes can include:

• Science of hair and scalps
• Sanitation and safety
• Retail and sales
• Products
• Procedures

A career as a licensed barber can be lucrative and fulfilling. Step back in history and perform a service that has been revered for centuries. Career opportunities can be virtually unlimited and may lead you to work in establishments like:

• Barber shops
• Salons
• Resorts
• Cruise ships

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