Cosmetology Career Quiz

  1. Is it important to you to attend a traditional university?

  2. Would you say you are more:

  3. Do you prefer a work environment that is:

  4. Would you consider yourself a:

  5. What do you enjoy more?

  6. Do you tend to:

  7. In a stressful situation are you more likely to:

  8. Do you consider yourself a social person?

  9. Are you not afraid of giving an honest opinion, no matter how much it will hurt the other person?

  10. When it comes to making decisions, are you:

Is a Cosmetology Career Right for You?

Beauty school is the gateway to a variety of cosmetology careers, with each career path providing a unique and challenging creative outlet. Cosmetology graduates are some of the most driven and passionate employees, constantly looking for ways to improve on their talents and skills.

Cosmetology school can prepare you for some of the more professions in the service sector. After completing schooling, you will be trained to work as a hair stylist, hair colorist, barber, make-up artist, nail-care specialist, or esthetician. If you are thinking about a cosmetology career, getting training at one of our cosmetology schools will help you set the foundation for a successful future.

Those who are skeptical of the idea of a cosmetology career often find after research that it is the perfect fit for their future. To balance the hands-on training, cosmetology schools that offer business courses do more than prepare students for basic cosmetology careers – they open up the possibilities of business ownership and entrepreneurship. Simply put, cosmetology school can prepare you for an and successful career in an industry that revolves around of fashion, beauty, trends, and excitement.

Take our Free Cosmetology Quiz!

This cosmetology quiz is the perfect tool for anyone debating the possibility of a cosmetology career. Our quick, 10-question quiz will help you to understand whether or not cosmetology school is right for you.

There are many different people who will find that a cosmetology career is the perfect fit for their personality and lifestyle. Our cosmetology quiz reinforces this idea, helping anyone to understand the strengths and personal traits that they can carry into a cosmetology career. Cosmetology careers are perfect for those who love working with others, and those looking for a constant creative outlet. In a career that constantly changes trends and looks, the ability to adapt is key. Anyone, regardless of age, can be successful in the world of cosmetology if willing and able to adapt to these changes.

These are just some of the personality traits of those who will find a perfect match with a cosmetology career. Take our cosmetology quiz now to find out whether or not a cosmetology career is the right choice for you!