Vegan Beauty Products

vegan-beauty-productsWhat makes a beauty product vegan?

The word "vegan" is usually applied to food, and it generally refers to a person who does not consume anything derived from animals, including meat, dairy, honey and other animal byproducts. Veganism is often a way of life that extends past a person’s diet. They may also decide to not purchase or use any products derived from animals, including materials like leather or fur, or any that are tested on animals. Many beauty products use ingredients such as keratin, collagen and tallow, which may have come from animals. However, vegan beauty products do not contain any of these ingredients and may also emphasize natural components – nothing “fake” or manufactured and with few chemicals or preservatives. This lifestyle of using natural products has extended into product lines of vegan makeup, vegan hair care products and vegan skincare products – an thing for vegans and vegetarians everywhere, or anyone who is simply concerned about animal testing!

Are vegan beauty products hard to find?

For a long time, a vegan lifestyle wasn’t considered in the production of beauty products. These kinds of products are becoming more common, though. The internet has helped a lot with the vegan beauty products movement and so have the testimonies of superstar celebrities like Natalie Portman, who even appeared on Project Runway to promote vegan fashion and footwear. These products are more accessible and word gets around fast. Sites like give visitors options for vegan hair, makeup and skincare products. Vegan blogs, forums and social networking sites give people from around the world a chance to share their favorite vegan skincare products and vegan hair products with one another. These vegan beauty products no longer need to be made at home (though that can be fun!) as more companies realize this is a healthy and growing market with people eager to find vegan beauty products that fit their lifestyles.

Are vegan beauty products more expensive?

It depends on what you're comparing them to. If you usually buy drugstore brand beauty products, then ye, odds are that vegan beauty products from specialty companies may be more slightly more expensive. However, if you're used to buying "top shelf" beauty products (think Mac lipstick vs. Cover Girl), then you'll probably find that the prices of vegan beauty products are comparable to what you've already been spending – and may, in fact, be cheaper in some cases.

Beyond the budget, though, there's the really important consideration, which is: If animal rights are important to you, then the extra cost may be negligible. Everyone has to make their own decision on the matter, but sometimes a little more spending now is balanced out by the peace of mind in the future. If you take the time to shop around and find vegan beauty products that are perfect for you, it will definitely be worth it. There’s a price to pay to do the right thing – good thing it isn’t too high! offers you the ability to search for a beauty school in your area to find a quality cosmetology institution that fits your needs. Upon completing your program, you can obtain your state cosmetology license and begin a rewarding beauty career.

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