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The Beauty Institute - Schwarzkopf Professional

You have vision. It doesn't just happen. Your vision has been growing for a lifetime, a wealth of choices that you have made. Now you want to put it to the test. A career in cosmetology, esthetics or nail technology is your dream. Make the most of it with training at he Beauty Institute - Schwarzkopf Professional. It's time to take your vision to the next level. See for yourself at he Beauty Institute - Schwarzkopf Professional .


The he Beauty Institute - Schwarzkopf Professional provides you with a well-rounded education. Our instructors are trained to draw out the artist in you and prepare you to compete in the real world.


Our Cosmetology program features design, cutting, coloring, multicultural techniques, makeup, fashion trends and the art of hairdressing. This is accomplished in a three-phase program:

• CORE - Learn the rules! We provide the basics that will help you blend professional skills with personal development.
• ADAPTIVE - Bend the rules! You can learn the value of time management, retailing and the art of successful communication.
• CREATIVE - Break the rules! Explore your vision with advanced hairdressing and chemical work, preparing you for your future career.


Our Esthetics program gives you a chance to perfect your skills on real people. Our advanced training system focuses on personalized attention. We offer you the ability to learn professional techniques, such as international skin treatments, speed waxing, customized treatment protocols, skin analysis, ingredient technology, makeup techniques and prescriptive retailing.

Nail Technology

Master the skills, science and art of nail enhancement in our Nail Technology program. We introduce you to the latest discoveries in hand and foot beauty. Face the challenge of meeting consumers' demands while keeping up on emerging trends and products.

Teacher Training

Just like Michelangelo chiseling stone to make "David", you can learn to become a teacher and shape the minds of future cosmetologists. The Vision Academy allows you to take your experience as a licensed professional and become an instructor. The program incorporates classroom instruction and practical teaching assignments to help you develop leadership, organization and teaching techniques. Take your skills and transfer them to new students.

Career Networking

As a student, you can meet industry professionals and experience networking opportunities. Salon owners and guest artists teach their specialties in our classes, and they love to spend time with our future professionals.

Financial Assistance

We have different payment options, as well as a career training loan through SLM Financial. Please contact us today for more information.



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