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Our philosophy is to treat each student as part of our family, providing them with every opportunity to complete their studies at the lowest cost possible.

Why here? To be successful as a licensed professional in the salon industry takes more than completing the basic course taught in Beauty College. Experience and continuing education will be your key to a rewarding career.

How here? At Salon Success Academy, we are committed to providing our students with the skills to earn their license along with the expertise to advance their careers, including attending exciting and educational live Beauty Shows.

And? The first few years after Beauty College are vitally important. Salon Success graduates are directed into salon environments that will support their professional growth and accomplishments.

Programs Offered
Our courses are constructed in training segments based on areas of required study and hours required as prescribed by the Bureau for Barbering and Cosmetology. Individuals with prior hours, recognized by the Bureau for Barbering and Cosmetology, transferring from an accredited school may complete the course at a reduced cost, provided that they can demonstrate the appropriate educational background necessary to successfully complete the studies.

Cosmetology (Hairdressing)
If your goal is to be an accomplished professional, welcome to our school. It is difficult to find a single salon in this country that isn't looking for employees. Cosmetologists today have potential that is truly unlimited. With the advent of the salon and day spas, the profession reaches its largest market ever. Cosmetologists can be found in every aspect of the beauty industry; doing nails, facials, make-up and hair services.

You have chosen a career that is both demanding and rewarding.

Skin Care (Esthetics)
In an age of specialization, the esthetician plays a crucial role in the cast of our Salons and Day Spas. As a licensed Esthetician, your skills as a make-up artist and skin care technician will serve you well in a world where "pampering" is no longer a luxury enjoyed by the privileged few. Salon Success Academy offers a carefully structured course for licensure as an Esthetician. The curriculum guides you through many types of facials (too numerous to list), hair removal (waxing / tweezing) and of course make-up.

Financial Aid
Salon Success Academy is a Nationally Accredited Institution participating in and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education's Financial Aid programs. These programs primarily include the Pell Grant and the SEOG Grant.

Lest you be concerned that the school of your choice is NOT nationally accredited, please be assured that the education you will receive is exemplary and consistent in all our schools. At issue are financial concerns and our staff stands ready to help you in that area at all times. We will endeavor to assist you in financing your education and where need is a consideration, you will find us very resourceful and helpful in making suitable provisions for you to have the career of your choice.


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