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Make More Money with Permanent Makeup & Microblading

Discover the Power of Permanent Beauty and earn 4x more with Nouveau Contour. As a leader in permanent makeup, our essential goal for training is to offer an educational experience that provides you with the skills to deliver the highest quality service to your clients. Nouveau Contour is a global company which means our training techniques are not only the best offered in this country, but the best available around the world. In all 34 countries where Nouveau Contour is offered, Nouveau Contour remains as the leading brand when it comes to micropigmentation, equipment, needles and pigments and training.

Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent makeup (PMU) or micropigmentation is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. With an ultra-thin needle and pigment, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes or lips is enhanced.

This treatment is also known as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing. It is often referred to as cosmetic tattoos (e.g. eyebrow, eyeliner, lips etc) or medical tattoos (e.g. areolas for breast reconstruction, scar camouflaging etc). The pigments used for permanent makeup are introduced less deeply into the skin layer and have a different composition from tattoo inks. Micropigmentation devices are also more refined than tattoo machines, and the techniques that are used are different.

Natural, soft or intense: are all possible with micropigmentation, no matter the skin type. Micropigmentation is performed with a refined digital device and 20 needle formations to choose from. The pigment penetrates the skin efficiently, which makes the pigment last longer. Specialized needle formations can create crisp, natural hair strokes for an amazing result. It is a misconception that a natural result can only be achieved by microblading!

Nouveau Contour’s advanced devices, pigments and techniques also make micropigmentation especially suitable for medical purposes, such as areola pigmentation and the treatment of scars or correction of cleft lips. This is called dermapigmentation.

A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Nouveau Contour Academy

New micropigmentation specialists start with the All-Around Micropigmentation and Microblading fundamental course. In this training, you will learn all the essential cosmetic micropigmentation techniques to apply shaded eyebrows, eyeliners and lip liners. After successfully completing the All-Around Micropigmentation and Microblading fundamental training, you can immediately start with micropigmentation in your studio. Nouveau Contour also offers advanced classes such as Master Classes and Focus Classes. These classes are geared towards further developing your skills and knowledge of micropigmentation and dermapigmentation. In short, Nouveau Contour Academy offers the best available and extensive training program for starters and professionals.

Maximize Your Potential

The Nouveau Contour Academy allows a maximum of 8 students with 1 trainer and an assistant per 4 students in the Fundamental Training to ensure you will receive the required attention and knowledge to maximize your potential in the field of micropigmentation. You will graduate as a capable, knowledgeable, and motivated professional and will have obtained all the necessary training and experience in this area of study. Our teaching methods are designed to guide you to succeed as a talented micropigmentation professional.

Worldwide Experience

Our trainers have worldwide experience and expertise so you will learn from the very best trainers available. Education is the foundation of your work. Your clients demand the best micropigmentation they can get. After you have completed the course you are assured to meet the highest requirements of your clients.

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